From time to time, an undocumented one-of-a-kind or long forgotten record pops up out of the blue.
Here is a place to show off the most recent discovery of the kind for the first time [official 7" only format].


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The Archives

Below features the list of' discoveries since its 2011 revamp.

'Street Fighting Man' riot cover from Sweden 2024-02
Street Fighting Man riot cover from Sweden: a second version of the rarest!

'You Can Make It If You Try' in Nigeria 2022-10
You Can Dig It If You Try: an early exotic nugget from Nigeria

A blush from Brazil with the promo colored EP of 'Angie' 2022-06
A blush from Brazil with the promo colored EP of 'Angie'

'Honky Tonk Women' from Nigeria 2021-11
Honky Tonk Women from Nigeria

'Carol', French red jukebox sleeve 2019-03
Carol, French red jukebox sleeve

'Got Live If You Want It!' 2nd export pressing 2018-11
Got Live If You Want It! 2nd export pressing

'Paint It Green' in the USSR 2018-10
Paint it Black Green in the USSR

'Happy' in Thailand 2018-02
Baby won't you keep me Happy in Thailand

'I Don't Know Why' from Costa Rica 2018-01
I Don't Know Why El mejor regalo es un disco in Costa Rica!

Reaching 'Tops' in the USA 2017-06
Reaching 'Tops' in the USA

Missing you in Barbados 2016-08
Missing you in Barbados

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, but at which speed? 2016-06
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love in 1971 : at 45 or 33⅓ rpm ?

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love EP from Spain - misprint PS 2016-05
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love first 'misprinted' cover.

Route 66 EP from Australia 2015-09
A Route 66 black & white cover from down under!

Little Queenie in Lebanon 2015-08
Get yer Little Queenie out in Lebanon!

Brown Sugar in Madagascar 2014-12
The never-tasted-before Brown Sugar from Madagascar.

The impossible Spanish Satisfaction 2014-07
A little story around the chaotic release of the Satisfaction EP in Spain in 1965.

Poison Ivy - Japan promo issue 2014-03
The unlikely white promo labels for the bonus Poison Ivy single given free with the 1973' Japanese GEM double LPs set!

Tell Me - colored PS from Holland 2013-09
Tell Me how rare is an original 1964 colorized picture sleeve from Holland?

She's So Cold - from Guatemala 2013-07
She's So Cold in Guatemala.

Emotional Rescue - from Zimbabwe 2013-01
The Zimbabwe's Emotional Rescue release.

Single Stones - Japanese test pressings 2012-11
Single Stones, a Japanese box set of 15 test pressings.

Complicated - an Iranian EP story 2012-10
Complicated, an Iranian EP story.

Brown Sugar - Mexican promo single 2012-08
'Empty' white promo labels from a Mexican Brown Sugar.

Tumbling Dice - Venezuelian picture sleeve 2012-03
A Venezuelian picture sleeve for Tumbling Dice.

Dance - USA test pressing 2012-02
Dance [test pressing], the American unreleased single.

Mother's Little Helper - Indian pressing 2012-01
Mother's Little Helper in India.

The Rolling Stones - UK PS missing the band's name 2011-11
The Rolling Stones debut UK EP missing band's name!

Emotional Rescue - Mexican promo issue 2011-10
A promo-only Mexican issue of Emotional Rescue

Not Fade Away - Greek picture sleeve 2011-09
Not Fade Away, first ever Greek picture sleeve?

Street Fighting Man - Malaysian pressing 2011-08
Street Fighting Man in Malaysia, bearing the UK export catalogue number.

It's Only Rock'n'Roll - Turkish generic Atlantic picture sleeve 2011-07
It's Only Rock'n'Roll in a Turkish generic Atlantic picture sleeve

She's So Cold - South African promo issue 2011-06
A South African promo-only issue of She's So Cold.