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Nigeria 'You Can Make It If You Try' from Nigeria | October 2022

The Rolling Stones - You Can Make It If You Try - NigeriaThe Rolling Stones - You Can Make It If You Try - Nigeria Only very recently Nigerian pressings were documented on the Rolling Stones.
Apart from a few singles from 1966 to 1969 bearing the UK catalogue numbers / couplings and having been issued on 2 types of labels, the most interesting single from this country, and probably the rarest, is 'You Can Make It If You Try', coupled with Rufus Thomas' rendition of 'Walking The Dog' [incidentally the 2 last tracks from the band's first LP].
The Ted Jarrett's track does not feature on any 7" worldwide and the choice of it for an A-side may just be a suggestion from the Broadcasting Corporation of Northern Nigeria which was providing the airplay for foreign bands at the time.
This exclusive release from Nigeria also bears a unique catalogue number: FN.22.
Despite its very early tracklisting, the boxed Decca logo design indicates that it may only have been produced in 1966.

Manufactured by Decca (West Africa) Ltd., this exotic rarity should come into its matching local colorful company sleeve.

Estimated value : 350 €