different Rolling Stones vinyl 7"s* have been issued worldwide [which includes 647 UK The Rolling Stones UK singles and EPs discography and 614 US The Rolling Stones USA singles and EPs discography releases], as of Monday 22 May 2017.

* 1755 releases + 2768 variations.
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last entry or new variation documented : Happy, 7" from USA, 1972

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This week's pick is Italy, which counts 52 releases + 118 variations.

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The Rolling Stones RSD 10" PS - Ride 'Em All DownRide 'Em All Down, a track from the new album 'Blue and Lonesome', originally penned by Eddie Taylor, was released for the Record Store Day, on Nov. 25th, 2016, on a limited 10" PS [3,000 copies]!

The Single of The Day

'I Don't Know Why' was released as a 7" single in the UK on May 23, 1975.
Its US counterpart, released at the same time, reached #42.
'I Don't Know Why' - sometimes listed as 'I Don't Know Why I Love You' - is a 1968 song by Stevie Wonder, from the album 'For Once in My Life' and was the B-Side of the 1969 hit 'My Cherie Amour'. The song was recorded when Stevie was only 18 years old.

The Rolling Stones' version was recorded on June 30, 1969. The band was mixing the song when they learned that Brian Jones had died [July 3, 1969].
The single was released worldwide in 1975 with 'Try A Little Harder' on B-side, a 1964 number from the vaults where Mick Jagger would actually be the only band member to perform. Both tracks were extracted from the 'Metamorphosis' compilation album out that same year [1975].

The single only entered the charts in the US.
First pressings miscredited the son... [+]

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The Rolling Stones - mono LPs / CDs box set Nine singles in picture sleeves [replicas of worldwide releases from various countries] will be issued by Abkco to accompany the release of LPs and CDs box sets of mono studio recordings on 30 September 2016.

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