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Holland Colorized PS for 'Tell Me' 'from Holland | September 2013

The Rolling Stones - Come On - AT 15032 - UK exportThe Rolling Stones - Come On - AT 15032 - UK export The Rolling Stones - Come On - AT 15032 - UK exportBy the end of the summer of 64, 'Tell Me' [Decca AT 15032] was the band's fourth Dutch single, backed with their debut UK 7" track 'Come On' - then so far released on single in Denmark only ['Tell Me' simultaneously was 'the B-side of 'It's All Over Now' in Germany].
This was a special release for Decca Holland which issued the single out of its famous colourful Favorieten Expres series to produce a unique black & white picture cover with red titles [most of the fold-out type]. Such cover could house Dutch blue labels or special UK pressed black labels [known as 'export']. Note that Belgium used the same band's shot for its single 'It's All Over Now' [Decca 23.529] at the time.

If variations exist for both blue [Dutch] and black [UK] labels, the picture sleeve so far was only known in its b&w [but the red titling] version. This colorized version - only seen a couple of times so far - was found housing the black labels as shown here, and probably was a test - before or after the common version ? - by the record company who may have tried to match the attractiveness of the Favorieten Expres series design [for at that time, if Belgium covers were in 2-tones, Dutch were avid of multicolor designs!].

Estimated value : 120 €