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Japan Promo bonus 7" of 'Poison Ivy' from Japan | March 2014

The Rolling Stones - Poison Ivy single - London Q28 - Japan promo bonus of the 2 LPs set GEM 119-120 The Rolling Stones - Japanese 2 LPs set GEM 119-120 If the first Rolling Stones' Japanese tour [5 dates] got cancelled in 1973 [the band could not obtain visas because of past drug convictions], London Japan was then all but lazy: The Rolling Stones - Poison Ivy single - London Q28 cover - Japan  bonus of the 2 LPs set GEM 119-120 for the 7" format only, on top of the deluxe gatefold OH series [14 EPs], 5 'commemorative' singles [TOP 177x series] were marketed, but also two double deluxe albums compilations [GEM], each offering a lesser known bonus single in custom title-designed sleeve.
The first set [GEM 5-6] came out with the reissue of 'Little Queenie' [Q4 - c/w 'Love In Vain'], while the second [GEM 119-120] contained a new and unique coupling with 'Poison Ivy' [Q29] and 'She Said Yeah'.
These double LP sets often miss their bonus singles, already rare in themselves, but what was undocumented so far is a white promo labels edition of the second single [thus single Q29 coming with the GEM 119-120 LPs set, without obi].
Although not confirmed so far, one can imagine that a promo issue was also made for the first bonus single [Q4]...

Estimated value : 250 €