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Costa Rica 'I Don't Know Why' from Costa Rica | January 2018

The Rolling Stones - I Don't Know Why - Costa RicaThe Rolling Stones - I Don't Know Why - Costa Rica As the generic Indica plastic company sleeve puts it: "El mejor regalo es un disco!"
Only two singles on London had been documented so far in Costa Rica: 'She's Rainbow' and 'Little Queenie', both issued in 1971 on the US-alike blue swirls labels, which could let one think of a unique London incentive to publish 7"s in this country that year.
But the recent discovery of the poor seller single 'I Don't Know Why' [London 7054], issued in 1975 to promote the then new Metamorphosis compilation in Costa Rica, shows that despite the absence of Rolling Stones Records/WEA 7"s in the 70's in this country, London - or its affiliate Indica here - kept on being pushy.

Promo stamp on these classic blue swirls labels yet indicate that such release may have been made for promo or airplay purposes only.

Estimated value : 75 €