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Barbados 'Miss You' from Barbados!| August 2016

The Rolling Stones - Miss You - Barbados The Rolling Stones - Miss You - BarbadosHow exotic !
A pressing from the former British colony Barbados recently surfaced, released in 1978. 'Miss You', unsurprisingly coupled with 'Faraway Eyes', bears the UK catalogue number EMI 2802 and the worldwide EMI labels design from that era.

Mention of the island is made on B-side only.
The record comes into an attractive 'Hottest sounds around' company sleeve and was manufactured locally by West Indies Records.

Whereas a first 70's Jamaican pressing was recently discovered, this release from Barbados could be the only one from that era made in the Caribbean islands [if you consider Barbados Caribbean - this is actually an Atlantic island].

Estimated value : 100 €