7"s The Charts - As Years Go By
1967-1Ruby Tuesday [B-side]
196911Honky Tonk Women
196611Paint It, Black
196511Get Off Of My Cloud
197121Brown Sugar
197831Miss You
19662219th Nervous Breakdown
198172Start Me Up
196813Jumpin' Jack Flash
198093Emotional Rescue
1986135Harlem Shuffle
1989365Mixed Emotions [first CD single]
1964NR6Time Is On My Side
1966-6As Tears Go By [B-side (UK only)]
197257Tumbling Dice
1978NR8Beast Of Burden
1966NR8Mother's Little Helper
196519The Last Time
1983119Undercover (Of The Night)
196659Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby.?
1976610Fool To Cry
19815013Waiting On A Friend
1967-14Dandelion [B-side]
1973NR15Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
19741016It's Only Rock And Roll
1974NR17Ain't Too Proud To Beg
1965NR19Heart Of Stone
1981NR20Hang Fire
19896323Rock And A Hard Place
1964NR24Tell Me (you're coming back)
1966NR24Lady Jane [B-side]
19822625Going To A Go-Go (live)
1967NR25She's A Rainbow
1964126It's All Over Now
19803326She's So Cold
1971NR28Wild Horses
1986-28One Hit (To The Body)
1969-42You Can't Always Get What You Want [B-side]
1975-42I Don't Know Why
19844244She Was Hot
1964348Not Fade Away
1968NR48Street Fighting Man
1976NR49Hot Stuff [B-side]
19893150Almost Hear You Sigh
1967850We Love You
1967355Let's Spend The Night Together
19943860Out Of Tears
19754581Out Of Time
1967NR87In Another Land (Bill Wyman)
19941491Love Is Strong
19982694Saint Of Me
1965-96Play With Fire [B-side]
200236-Don't Stop
202061-Living In A Ghost Town [10" colored vinyl]
199529-I Go Wild
199612-Like A Rolling Stone (live) [CDS only]
200651-Biggest Mistake
2010--Plundered My Soul
2011--No Spare Parts
2016--Ride 'Em On Down [10" blue vinyl]
199722-Anybody Seen My Baby
200533-Rain Fall Down
200515-Streets Of Love
201297-Doom And Gloom [10" PS and CDS only]
199423-You Got Me Rocking
1991NR-Sex Drive
198262-Time Is On My Side (live)
196420-The Rolling Stones [EP]
196312-I Wanna Be Your Man
1982-NRLet's Spend The Night Together (live)
199061NRPaint It, Black [reissue]
199851NROut Of Control
199159NRRuby Tuesday (live)
1973-NRSad Day
197121NRStreet Fighting Man [UK only reissue]
1971-NRLittle Queenie (live)
19656NRGot Live If You Want It! [EP]
19641NRLittle Red Rooster
196413NRFive By Five [EP]
196321NRCome On
Note: 'NR' stands for 'Not Released'.

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The single of the day

'Tumbling Dice' was released as a 7" single in the UK on April 14, 1972, where it peaked at #5.
Its US counterpart, released at the same time, reached #7.
Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, 'Tumbling Dice' was the first single from the 1972 double album 'Exile On Main Street' and was recorded in the basement of the chateau Villa NellcĂ´te, near Villefranche-sur-Mer, France. The basic track of the song was recorded on 3 August 1971. Mick Taylor played bass on the track, due to Bill Wyman's absence that night, and Mick Jagger plays guitar. Richards said, "I remember writing the riff upstairs in the very elegant front room, and we took it downstairs the same evening and we cut it." Of the song, Jagger said "It was written to fit Keith's riff. It's about gambling and love, an old blues trick."... [+]

UK Demo 45About the songs

Nearly 80 songs recorded by the Rolling Stones entered either the UK or US charts since 1963, twelve of them peaking at #1 ['Satisfaction', 'Get Off Of My Cloud', 'Paint It, Black' and 'Honky Tonk Women' were #1 in both countries].

The early years also were the most prolific and, whereas most titles were not yet penned by the Jagger-Richards tandem, record labels Decca [in the UK] and London [in the US] would issue singles at a frantic pace, building the band's reputation as the Beatles' most serious threat.

However, no global marketing strategy would emerge before the 70's, and both countries cultivated their differences in their respective discographies, as would their affiliates in other parts of the world.

The richness and diversity of the Rolling Stones singles discography is mainly due to the fact that, during the 60's, Decca would consider singles an independent market from the LPs' one, whereas London would use this format as a 'lift' for album sales. Therefore, British singles would offer non-album tracks [except for compilations], and Decca England would pass on a few US releases, while the US would opt for different B-sides and be a little more productive.

US exclusive couplings and singles would however often be released on Decca in Europe, notably in Scandinavia for which UK would exclusively press 'export' singles [Scandinavian countries also pressed their own records and imported regular UK releases, see the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian discographies].

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