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Zimbabwe 'Emotional Rescue' from Zimbabwe | January 2013

The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue - ZimbabweThe Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue - South Africa The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue - Zimbabwe'Emotional Rescue' was released several times in South Africa, as the existence of three variations of the brown & red labels [right] already attest, but only recently was unearthed a copy of this classic bearing the typical cream & red labels from Zimbabwe.
This is actually the earliest single with that type of labels undug so far. Although no mention of Zimbabwe appears on the print, the recurrence of information from various sources now clearly establishes such provenance for these labels.

This may be the opportunity to notice, that from 'Emotional Rescue' [EMIJ 4504] to 'Undercover (Of The Night)' [EMIJ 4448], all 7" South African releases but 'She's So Cold' have a counterpart from Zimbabwe on such labels. Two singles from Zimbabwe even differentiate further, bearing the UK catalogue numbers instead of the South African ones ['Waiting On A Friend' and 'Going To A Gogo'].

As for 'Emotional Rescue' in South Africa, all matrices numbers in the groove refer to the UK number 'RSR 105 A/B'. This Zimbabwean copy however is a mix of the S. African and UK numbers with 'EMIJ 4304-A 632 / RSR 105-B'.

Although ideally coming into the red and white EMI Brigadiers company sleeve from S. Africa, most of Zimbabwean 7"s came out in neutral white sleeves.

Estimated value : 40 €