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USA 'Dance' from the USA | February 2012

The Rolling Stones - Dance - US test pressingThe Rolling Stones - Dance - US test pressing The fresh opening track of the 1980' album 'Emotional Rescue', 'Dance', never really found its way on the 7" format, except for a B-side of a promotional Italian single.
Its 'part II' called 'If I Was A Dancer' - extracted from the compilation album 'Suckin' In The Seventies' - was released a year later as a scarce promo-only edition in New Zealand in an exclusive picture sleeve, as well as on a US promo 12" (backed with its instrumental version).
Part I & II of the track could respectively be found on rare one-sided US 7" test pressings from Specialty Records Corp. in November 1980 but it is only recently that surfaced a test pressing of both tracks on the same 45, which definitely lead to think that Warner once thought of releasing 'Dance' as a single, allocating the catalogue number 'RS 21002', as a straight follower to 'She's So Cold' [RS 21001 - the second single from the album].

Estimated value : 160 €