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Australia 'Route 66' b&w EP cover from Australia | September 2015

The Rolling Stones - Route 66 - b&w white EP cover from Australia The Rolling Stones - Route 66 - EP from Australia The original cover of the 'Route 66' EP from Australia [DFEA 7521] is well-known for its attractive copper tone design, out from a picture of the band rehearsing for the 'Ready Steady Go' show at the International TV Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, April, 20, 1964.

Misprint or test? A black and white version of this cover recently surfaced for the first time, housing the same original aquamarine 'curved' Decca labels.
Misprinted covers are rare, and Australian Decca mistakes even rarer.
Whatever is the reason, this oddity definitely finds its place into the rarest prints.

Estimated value : 150 €