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Guatemala 'She's So Cold' from Guatemala | July 2013

The Rolling Stones - She's So Cold - GuatemalaThe Rolling Stones - She's So Cold - Guatemala The Rolling Stones - She's So Cold - GuatemalaAs incredible as it seems, the second single extracted from the 1980's album 'Emotional Rescue', 'She's So Cold', was released five times in Guatemala, which country's 7"s discography would only offer four titles issued between 1978 and 1981.
The first pressing was issued on brown & red labels [right], followed by the cream labels which offer variations, recognizable to the band's name and titles' typographies (notably sans serif versus serif).
Lately surfaced a variation of the 'cream' labels, bearing the band name in sans serif, but with wrong titles for A & B-sides. Indeed, the 'Send It To Me' side is supposedly the 'A' side as label suggests, but in fact plays the correct track 'She's So Cold' [and vice versa].

A real oddity for the die-hard collector!

Estimated value : 30 €

Many thanks to 'Honestman' for this addition.