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Mexico 'Brown Sugar' white labels from Mexico | August 2012

The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar - Mexico white promo labelsThe Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar - Mexico white promo labels The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar - Mexico PS'Brown Sugar', the opening track from 'Sticky Fingers', was originally issued twice in Mexico in 1971. As a single on Polydor [2208001], coupled with 'Bitch', and as a 3-track EP on Gamma Records, coupled with 'Wild Horses' and 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' [GX 07761 - which later track would also be the next Polydor single in this country].
Both records were distributed into similar fold-out picture sleeves revamping the Andy Warhol's 'jeans' artwork and offer slight variations.

Until now, only a promo white labels version of the Polydor single was documented [B-side on the right-hand side].
A second - or should I say, prior - version [on the left] was recently unearthed bearing the same matrices numbers, but with different 'unfinished' labels bearing basic info and notably missing the famous tongue logo. No wonder that such version - distributed without cover - appeared first.

Estimated value : 50 €

Many thanks to Thomas Hess for this nice addition.