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South Africa 'She's So Cold' promo-only S. African issue | June 2011

She's So Cold - South Africa - PS 22She's So Cold - South Africa An alternate issue to the South African edition of 'She's So Cold' - originally out on red & brown labels EMIJ 4320 - has been found on EMI Brigadiers yellow labels with catalogue number PS 22, also backed with 'Send It To Me'.

The scarcity of this release and its special number suggests that it is a promo-only pressing [PS may stand for 'Promo Single'].

A-side duration is 1 second shorter than the standard release. The 'speed 45' mention on labels had not been seen since 'Fool To Cry' in 1976 in this country.

Known copies of this single were distributed into neutral sleeves.

Estimated value : 40 €