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UK 'Emotional Rescue' UK white vinyl | March 2011

Emotional Rescue - RSR 105 - PSEmotional Rescue - RSR 105 - UK white vinyl Emotional Rescue - RSR 105 - UK white vinyl Some apparently most common covers can hide treasures!

Issued in England in 1980 on EMI, a copy of 'Emotional Rescue' has been found on white vinyl!

The record [RSR 105] wears the same stock labels and matrices numbers than the common black vinyl issue, and was distributed into the stock copy picture sleeve, with a promo sticker on the back.
Considering that special promo issues were produced for this single [RSR 105 DJ - with the short and long versions of the track], the reason of this white vinyl edition is a mystery.

As for the orange vinyl French issue of the same track, it may only have been a color test from the factory.

Estimated value : 150 €