Pixerama | 7" artworks by themes


Sooner or later, a record collection has to be sorted following criterias like chronology and/or genre and/or alphabetical order, etc. Every collector most likely would have experienced such a frustration of choice.

CMYKNow one of the great interest of computers and databases is precisely to enable virtual sortings of this kind and display results without the burden of factual manipulations.
So here are a few - and sometimes dumb - ideas of classifications playing with the great variety of Rolling Stones 7" artworks for the pleasure of the eye.

A special care has been brought to the series dealing with the conception of artworks 'around a picture' [or a photo session], revealing, among other things, the creativity of some countries [and their in-house designers mostly] compared to others.

Browsing the singles of one of the greatest rock band of all times certainly tell about the role of such music in our society, while being the mirror of the golden age of the record industry. Thanks to the longevity of the band, such artworks also reflect the graphic trends and history of the last 50 years.