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A concise discography

Mercy! by Don Covay and The Goodtimers See-Saw by Don Covay The House of Blue Lights by Don Covay and The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band Different Strokes For Different Folks by Don Covay and The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band Super Dude 1 by Don Covay Hot Blood by Don Covay Travelin' In Heavy Traffic by Don Covay Funky YoYo by Don Covay Mary Lee by The Rainbows (feat. Don Covay) Adlib by Don Covay & Friends Rockin' And Doowoppin' (The Early Years) by Don Covay
Here is, as of July 2024, the minimum list of records needed to complete the full Don Covay's recordings as an artist, on TOP of his 9 original albums.
Note that this list would be much longer without the CDs 'Rockin' And Doowoppin' (The Early Years)' [2015, including most of his late 50s - early 60s doo-wop, twist and rock'n'roll tracks] and The Rainbows : Mary Lee [unofficial CD from 2000, for doo-wop completists only].

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* alternative avaibility on CD / LP compilations

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