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Don Covay and The Goodtimers : Daddy Loves Baby [1964]
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Don Covay : Rockin' And Doowoppin' (The Early Years) CD If there is only one record you should need from the pre-Atlantic era to span the doo-woop and rock'n'roll years, ask the folks at Jasmine Records in the UK who just released Rockin' And Doowoppin' (The Early Years) !

"Excuse me y'all, while I throw some funk on the world"

The career of Don Covay [24.3.1936 - 30.1.2015] spanned virtually the entirety of the R&B spectrum, from the electrifying rock & roll of his earliest records to the gritty, swaggering deep soul of his most enduring efforts - the scope and diversity of his catalog no doubt contributed to... more »

Don Covay's songs

Best known for his R&B classics 'Mercy Mercy', 'Chain of Fools', 'See-Saw' and 'Sookie Sookie', Don Covay penned more than 300 songs. His compositions have been recorded by such varied artists as Aretha Franklin, Steppenwolf, Bobby Womack, The Rolling Stones, Wilson Pickett... more »