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These pages are just a guide to the worldwide discographies of Rupert Hine, Quantum Jump, Thinkman, and other projects involving Rupert Hine as main artist.

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«Tamboo», Rupert's original and official website which I created in 1997 shut down in 2012, after 15 years of service, but is still accessible as an archive link there [archives mean that a few broken links and techno misbaheviours may occur, yet considerable information can be found through it on Rupert Hine's works, as an artist, songwriter, and producer, including Rupert's comments and interviews on various projects.] .
I wish to thank Rupert Hine for having giving me 'carte blanche' for the creation of his official website in these early days of the internet; this handcrafted beast was such a thrilling challenge and amazing experience.
"Beyond the artist, I could also enjoy the producer in you, a soul naturally able to detect and boost one's idiosyncratic ideas and skills, you clever elegance, always curious and fun. Thanks for the work and fun we shared. Rest in peace my friend."

Tim Catinat, 2020

Rupert Hine : Pick Up A Bone, UK, 1971, Purple Records TPSA 7502 Rupert Hine : Unfinished Picture, UK, 1973, Purple Records TPSA 7509 Rupert Hine : Immunity, UK, 1981, A&M AMLH 68519 Rupert Hine : Waving Not Drowning, UK, 1982, A&M AMLH 68541 Rupert Hine : The Wildest Wish To Fly, UK, 1983, Island ILPS 9747 V/A incl. Rupert Hine, Thinkman, E.G. Daily, etc. : Better Off Dead, Canada, 1985, A&M SP-5071 Rupert Hine : The Deep End, Germany, 1994, R'n'D 307.2416.2

Rupert Hine - Immunity LP US press kit, circa 1981
as Thinkman
Thinkman : The Formula, Germany, 1986, Island 207 723 Thinkman : Life Is A Full Time Occupation, Germany, 1988, Ariola 208 894 Thinkman : Hard Hat Zone, Germany, 1990, Ariola 210 645

with Quantum Jump
Quantum Jump : Quantum Jump, UK, 1976, Electric TRIX 1 Quantum Jump : Barracuda, UK, 1977, Electric TRIX 3 Quantum Jump : Mixing, UK, 1979, Electric TRIX 11

On the air
E.G. Daily / Rupert Hine: One Way Love (Better Off Dead)
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