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Artist The Rolling Stones (259 items by this artist)
Title Tumbling Dice (5 items match this title)
Record label / PublisherWytwórnia Pocztówek Dźwiękowych 113
Format7" flexi
Country & release datefrom: Poland Poland, 1972
Description15x17.5 cm original plastic audio postcard, shared with Daniel Boone - hard to see on the picture but info is etched in plastic and Tumbling Dice is misspelled 'Trumbling Dice' - this should be considered as novelty, do NOT buy this card for its musical value. Such cards are difficult to play and the sound quality is very low
Price in € [$|£]10 €
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Picture(s)The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice - Wytwórnia Pocztówek Dźwiękowych 113 Poland 7" flexi

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