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Artist The Who (14 items by this artist)
Title Pictures Of Lily
  1. Pictures Of Lily
Record label / PublisherKrajowa Agencja Wydawnicza 4388R
Country & release dateCountry of origin: Poland Poland, 1981
Description10x14cm audio postcard - Hiroshi Kimura serigraphia 'The Waves 2', 7th International Graphism Biennale, Cracow, 1978 - band name stamped on the back - this should be considered as novelty, do NOT buy this card for its musical value. Such cards are difficult to play and the sound quality is very low. If you intend to play it, weighting it to an old record on the turntable and/or increasing the tracking pressure may help, but it may still sound scratchy
Conditionex - title written on back
Price in € [$|£]12 €
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Picture(s)The Who - Pictures Of Lily - Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza 4388R Poland postcard

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