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Let's Spend The Night Together - Le film view picture(s) promo kit Country of origin: France New!France, 1983 - EMI VINYL LYN 13214 - promo-only A4-sized book in French for the press, with 1-sided 7" flexi incl. an ad by Mick Jagger in French to promote the Hal Ashby's movie 'Let's Spend The Night Together' over a Rolling Stones medley - flexi disc was pressed in England by Lyntone, London - m
60 €
Let's Spend the Night Together view picture(s) program Country of origin: USA USA, 1983 - Movie Special 83-2 - promo US program from 1983 for the movie of the same name, A4 size, 20 pages, full of color pictures, an ad for the official fan club on the last page - m 22 €