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The Rolling Stones : Brown Sugar, 7" CS, France, 1971 The Rolling Stones : Brown Sugar / Bitch  
France France, 1971 - 7" CS - RSR J.B. RS 19100 - Jukebox promo issue only w/ JB reference
Condition: vg- - very scuffy, plays better than it looks, vg w/ clean labels - CS is m-
9 €

The Rolling Stones : Brown Sugar (Live) , CDS, Argentina, 2004 The Rolling Stones : Brown Sugar (Live)  
Argentina Argentina, 2004 - CDS - Virgin DIF 463 - promo-only 1 live track in exclusive cardboard promo cover - one of the rare late CDsingles of interest! Note that disc is shown here for info only, as this record is still sealed!
Condition: ss
75 €