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The Lone Ranger view picture(s) 12" Country of origin: UK UK, 1990 - 12CHASE2 - 4 trk white label promo - ex 10 €
The Sound of Silence view picture(s) 7" CS Country of origin: UK UK, 1965 - Decca F 12306 - demo/promo copy - ultra rare Rupert Hine debut single from 1965 - personnel included a young Jimmy Page, Herbie Flowers on bass and a 26-piece orchestra - in the early sixties, Rupert and David used to perform in pubs and clubs where the then relatively unknown Paul Simon would also play. Both versions of 'The Sound Of Silence' were released in England at the same time. Neither of them sold more than 2,000 copies (Simon only later became famous with this song thanks to Dylan's producer Bob Johnstone who added electric guitars, bass and drums to the track) - c/w 'Reflections Of Our Love' - comes in CS (ex) - nm
100 €
Snakes Don't Dance Fast view picture(s) 7" Country of origin: UK UK, 1976 - Electric WOT 8 - demo copy - all vocal record - non-album track, nerver issued on CD nor LP - a handful made, in the UK only, very scarce! - m
25 €
The Set Up view picture(s) 7" Country of origin: UK UK, 1982 - A&M AMS 8206 - white label testpressing - m 30 €