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Daniel Lesueur : Rare French EPs from the 60s, book from France, 1978 Lesueur, Daniel : Rare French EPs from the 60s Country of origin: France
France, 1978 - book - A4-sized guide to the collecting of French original 60's EP 'Disques rares des années 60 tome 1' - From the Action to the Zombies, all the rare and original 60s French pressings by UK and US bands until 1968 - b&w pictures of covers w/ rarity tags - ce premier volume répertorie les disques des groupes anglais et américains, en édition originale et en pressage français, et s'arréte en 1968 - 40 pages - ex - writing inside (prices info with carbon - all can be erased) - 25 €