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Jerry  Harrison (Talking Heads) : Casual Gods, 7" PS from UK, 1988 Harrison, Jerry (Talking Heads) : Casual Gods  watch related video Country of origin: UK
UK, 1988 - 7" PS - Fontana JERRY1 - Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods. The name The Casual Gods was used from 1988 by Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison in an attempt to create a new "band" identity by linking it to his previous record - c/w 'Bobby (Aboriginal Mix)' - nm/nm - 9 €

Jerry  Harrison (Talking Heads) : The Red and The Black, LP from Germany, 1981 Harrison, Jerry (Talking Heads) : The Red and The Black  watch related video Country of origin: Germany
Germany, 1981 - LP - Sire SIR K 99519 - great under-rated album by the Talking Heads' guitarist - ex/nm - 15 €