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1975 'Prospectus' 10 Card Folio view picture(s) card folio Country of origin: USA Castelli Graphics , from 1975 - Andy Warhol Mick Jagger, 1975 'Prospectus' 10 Card Folio published by Leo Castelli & Multiples Inc. Cards measure 4"x6" (10.5 x 15 cm) and are individually numbered on the verso. Offset lithographs cards are in near mint condition with stunning colors. White folio cover has light wear. This is the first and original print of these mini folios with NO printed signatures. Jointly published by Multiples, Inc. (Marian Goodman) and Castelli Graphics in 1975, these mini folios were issued to promote a portfolio of 10 variant serigraphs (also known as silkscreens) of Mick Jagger, in an edition of 250, each print was to be signed by both Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger. It's the very rare first edition that we have here that was printed before the artists had signed the REAL edition that is 110 cm high... :-) Therefore 2 different editions exist. One WITH PRINTED signatures (also scarce but not like this) and one with NO PRINTED signatures. Castelli Graphics stored (never released) the first edition with NO printed signatures and they were later sold on auction to a single buyer - Mr. David Platzker, curator at MOMA, then owner of Specific Object. Please note that this rare first edition is more bluish in the paper. All printed in 1975. And never circulated. All mint copies that has never circulated were stored at Castelli Graphics. Leo Castelli was a little to fast when he produced the mini folios. By error he got the large seriagraphs photographed BEFORE Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger had signed them. And then he produced the minifolios and realized his error. The mini folios thas was printed (around 600) were never released and a new edition had to be made in haste now with printed signatures. Again this is the first and rare - and never released edition with NO printed signatures. David Platzker of Specific Object (now MOMA) bought from Castelli Graphics in January 2011 the inventory of 809 copies of this Andy Warhol´s Mick Jagger portfolio published by Multiples, Inc . On February 2, 2011 Specific Object sold to a Scandinavian art dealer 600 copies of the sales prospectus. In April 2013 Specific Object donated the remaining copies of this prospectus (and the entire inventory of Specific Object) to Los Angeles County Museum of art as an unrestricted gift to be sold in support of the Museum´s generel operations.." - ex - the folder has very light wear - see pix, all cards m- 850 € delete this item
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