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Artist Rupert Hine
Title Surface Tension – The Studio Works 1981-1983
Record label / Publisher Cherry Red ECLEC32816
Format CDx3
Country & year of release Country of origin: UK UK, 2023
Description Includes the albums 'Immunity', 'Waving Not Drowning' and 'The Wildest Wish To Fly' + 7 bonus tracks

1 I Hang On To My Vertigo
2 Misplaced Love
3 Samsara
4 Surface Tension
5 I Think A Man Will Hang Soon
6 Immunity
7 Another Stranger
8 Psycho Surrender
9 Make A Wish
Bonus tracks
10 Scratching At Success
11 Introduction To The Menace

Waving Not Drowning
1 Eleven Faces
2 The Curious Kind
3 The Set Up
4 Dark Windows
5 The Sniper
6 Innocents In Paradise
7 House Arrest
8 The Outsider
9 One Man’s Poison
Bonus track
10 Kwok’s Quease

The Wildest Wish To Fly
1 Living in Sin
2 No Yellow Heart
3 The Saturation of the Video Rat
4 Firefly in the Night
5 A Golden Age
6 Picture Phone
7 The Victim of Wanderlust
8 The Most Dangerous of Men
9 The Wildest Wish to Fly

Bonus tracks:

10 Blue Flame (Melt the Ice)
11 An Eagle’s Teaching
12 Picture Phone (remix)
13 No Yellow Heart (later version)
Rupert Hine - Surface Tension – The Studio Works 1981-1983 - Cherry Red ECLEC32816 UK CDx3

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